Core Principles

Core principles of the Oregon Pirate Party (OPP)

  1. Innovation: Patent, copyright, and trademark reform.
    1. Patent Reform:
      The abuse of patents has become the chief legal means to suppress innovation and stymie technological progress. Ideas fall prey to ‘shelving’ — patenting an advancement which competes with one’s own ideas instead of developing both and allowing innovation to spring from the competition. Patent reform seeks to curtail the damage done by patent shelving. Patents which fail to be developed or have significant progress in any four-year term would be made unenforceable.
    2. Copyright Reform:
      Copyright has an unreasonable term length and is used to prevent, rather than promote, innovation. This runs against its fundamental intent of protecting authors’ works. A reformed copyright would guarantee a right to be credited without placing shackles on the right to use. The term would be reverted to the original length of 14 years at most.
    3. Trademark Reform:
      Trademarks are abused around the world, in that they contain elements which are protected by either copyright or patent. A single protection for trademarks should exist, and fair use provisions made as with copyright. Trademarks should also not appear as the central issue on any dispute not arising from fraud.
  2. Access: Gov. transparency/Engage Voters/Separate corporations & politics.
    1. Right to Government Transparency: Wikileaks
      The population should understand what a governing body is doing and for what reasons. Though there is a need for national security for so long as there are enemies outside of our borders, there should never be any issue with ordinary citizens who need information. Likewise, the responsibility of citizens is to ensure that information which is of a sensitive nature is handled in a sensitive manner.
    2. Educating and engaging voters in grassroots democracy: IRV
      We are a representative democracy.  If we are educated about who and what we vote for as well as feeling invested in the outcomes, then we can be a successful democracy.  We need to feel confident in who we vote for, and be proud of the system we are a part of.
    3. Separation of corporations from political power: VOE
      So we have separation of church and state, so too we must have separation of corporations and political power.  When a politician accepts money from a corporation he/she not only corrupts themselves but also the corporation bribing them.  The OPP does not accept money from corporations.  We want donations from individuals so that our voice is clear.
  3. Internet: Basic access for all, Net neutrality, and promoting Internet literacy.
    1. Basic Access as a right: Citywide WiFi, Library
      A global poll this summer found that the vast majority of people feel that Internet access is a fundamental right.  The Internet has evolved into a necessary part of our life.  Those without it are at a severe disadvantage in a myriad of ways, including education and employment.
    2. Network neutrality:
      We believe that all content, sites, and platforms should be treated equally, so that it is a competition based on quality, interest, and design rather than big business paying big bucks to monopolize bandwidth.
    3. Promoting Internet Literacy: Free Geek
      Being Internet savvy can be a huge advantage in the modern world.  We want to work towards closing the age gap and English as a second language gap in Internet literacy as we raise overall Internet literacy locally.

One thought on “Core Principles

  1. Hello,

    My name is Austin Folnagy, I know that you are a desperate party and would like to build people power within your own party. May I suggest, creating a Pirate Party Caucus within the Democratic Party of Oregon? There are several benefits to this, and would like to have a conversation around this. Please contact me.

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