Green Pirates

I’m Jorden Leonard and I’m a Green Pirate.  I belong to both the Pacific Green Party (PGP) and the Oregon Pirate Party (OPP).  This is only possibly because as a political party that doesn’t have ballot access in Oregon yet OPP doesn’t require voter registration to be counted as a member.  All that really needed to be done was to agree with the following:

  • I am here to support the Oregon Pirate Party (OPP) and want to see the party on the ballot in 2012.
  • I agree with these core principles of OPP:
  1. Innovation: Patent, copyright, and trademark reform.
  2. Access: Government transparency, and separation of corporations from political power.
  3. Internet: Basic access for all, Net neutrality, and promoting Internet literacy.
  • I am a resident of Oregon and identify myself as a member of the Oregon Pirate Party (You may be registered with another political party and/or identify with another political party in addition to OPP).

But now, two years after I founded OPP, time is up and to try again requires a new filing.  But what would change?  In the midst of the Occupy Movement no political party, even something like a pirate party, can survive the general animosity towards all politics.  But expand to encompass the 99% movement and there is some potential for a new political party.

Recruiting core people that believe that the system can be fixed, that voting still matters, is key.  Other than updating the date to 2014 and adding “engaging voters” to Access, I think the statement for membership can remain the same.

If you want to help give this another go or just want to chat email me.